Far Cry 3 to Chronicle Jason Brody’s Transformation “From Being a Victim, to Being a Killer”

July 31, 2012Written by Alex Osborn

The story of Jason Brody in Ubisoft’s Far Cry 3 is about as far from a fairy tale as you can get, as what we’ve seen thus far leads us to believe there’s no happy ending in sight for Mr. Brody. Producer Dan Hay recently shared a few details on the game’s protagonist, noting that his transformation from “victim” to “killer” will play a major role in the game’s plot.

Speaking to G4, Hay explained:

Jason’s a normal guy. He comes to the island and meets Vaas. He’s put in very abnormal, very disturbing situations. And he’s not a super-soldier. He’s basically got to learn how to fend for himself. He’s a babe in the woods. He’s what I like to call a daylight atheist: super-tough when the sun’s up, but as soon as the moon comes up he’s crying for mom.

Hay went on to add that by the time the game concludes, players will have witnessed a major transformation in the character, as surviving in this hostile environment takes its tole on Jason. “By the end of it you’ve gone from being a victim, to being a killer, to making even liking it a little too much. The question is, by the end of the game, who are you?” he said.

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