Tomb Raider Multiplayer Details Unearthed

January 3, 2013Written by Alex Osborn

Like it or not, Crystal Dynamic’s upcoming Lara Croft reboot will feature multiplayer, and we’ve got the first details on what to expect right here.

According to the latest issue of OXM (via the Tomb Raider forums), the multiplayer portion of the game will feature a few different modes, the first of which is a typical Team Deathmatch game type, which pits Lara’s companions against a group of dangerous natives.

The second, dubbed “Rescue”, has one team of “survivors” working together to pick up and deliver med-packs throughout the map, while the other team of “scavengers” try to kill the opposition. There isn’t a whole lot known about the third mode, called “Cry for Help”, aside from the fact that it will focus on making discoveries and collecting things.

There will be a wide range of characters for players to choose from—interestingly enough, Lara is not one of them. Additionally, the multiplayer will feature plenty of customization options as well as a leveling system.

Tomb Raider’s multiplayer is being developed by Eidos Montreal, the team behind Deus Ex: Human Revolution.