Share: Ustream CEO Talks PS4, The Future of Video and the Blurring of Reality

March 6, 2013Written by Sebastian Moss

Have you seen the final PS4 then?

I have not personally. I do know it’s very powerful, it’s very amazing, and we’re excited to be able to share that experience outside of just the box.

And the PS4 Eye? How’s the mic on that, can it pick up what people are saying well?

I know there’s been a lot of innovation over the last few years in all these sorts of technologies, so we fully expect it’ll be good for gamers, and good for us.

So after a long hard day at working at Ustream, do you come home and watch TV or Ustream, or what?

I’m a sci-fi junkie, so if I’m generally watching the Science channel. Or Game of Thrones, the new season’s out in what 30 days?

For you… I have to wait.

You do? Damn. Well I watch Doctor Who, The Next Generation, so I’m typically into anything science related, space related, tech related, when I’m not spending time with my family. I love physics, astrophysics, so I’m geeking out on that kind of stuff.

But when you’re watching Game of Thrones, are you thinking “I could make this better, make it more social, more interactive”?

Totally. The second screen experience revolution is in year one. There’s a lot that’s going to take place over the next 10-20 years.

You must be glad that 3D-with-glasses didn’t kick off. They made using a second screen pretty hard, the iPhone screen would become barely readable.

I think 3D’s sexy, cool, but I knew it wouldn’t get the adoption needed to make it economically viable. It’s not what makes an experience. In our case, and experience involves other people. Plus, I get motion sickness from 3D, so I don’t like it. I think the bigger opportunity is around bridging that gap between reality and non-reality.

Can you give us some teasers on what plans you have to bridge that gap in the future?

I can’t, no. But that’s the business we’re in, and there’s a lot we’re going to be rolling out this year, a lot of new products, deeper engagement.

You’ve got the Sony Computer Entertainment connections now… are you going to bring a non-sharing, viewing version of Ustream to the PlayStation 3?

We are yup. Yeah, it won’t obviously have the other stuff, but we do plan on doing that.

And the PlayStation Vita?

[Pauses] Yet to be determined.

That has a camera, but it’s not very good. Is there an internal camera quality bar, where you don’t want to be on certain platforms below it?

Yeah, I mean there’s a host of factors to figure out whether this’ll be an enjoyable experience and meet the threshold of quality that we have for us, the broadcasters and our viewers. There’s a list of 20 of those items. But the goal is to make it immersing, make it simple, have it be powerful, so powerful that it’s almost magical.

Last question – is this going to be launch everywhere? Wherever and whenever you get a PS4, you get Ustream?

That’s the goal, yes, but I have to defer to Sony for rollout plans.

Last, last question – when will we hear more?

Hopefully in a couple of months, we want to have a steady stream of information, and I’m really excited about this opportunity, and it hits to a place that is near and dear to my heart, it hits to a place that we’ve always had an involvement, which is the gaming community, and it’s really going to showcase the power of what we’ve built to such a global scale. I’m excited to have this relationship with Sony, and can’t wait to unveil it and see what the users think.

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