Dishonored: The Brigmore Witches Trophy Guide (PS3)

August 19, 2013Written by Richard Duflo


Welcome to PlayStation LifeStyle’s trophy guide for the latest piece of downloadable content for Dishonored, The Brigmore Witches! This is part two of The Knife of Dunwall. It brings with it ten new trophies to earn, three silver and seven bronze. It will take you at least two playthroughs to earn all ten. Like in Dishonored, you will have to beat it twice – a Low Chaos playthrough and a High Chaos playthrough. If you are having trouble on the Low Chaos playthrough you can play on easy as the difficulty does not matter. Also, make sure to save while you are playing just in case you are spotted or accidentally kill an enemy. If that happens simply load a save file and try again.

Spoiler Alert: There are a few spoilers within this guide. It is recommended that you complete it before reading if you are trying to avoid spoilers.

Parting Shot – Bronze

– You delivered (or attempted) the killing blow on Corvo.

This trophy should be attempted on your High Chaos playthrough. At the very beginning of the game you will be in a fight with Corvo. Attack him and try to “win” the fight.

Breakout – Bronze

– You broke Lizzy Stride out of Coldridge Prison.

This trophy is story related and will be earned automatically.

Gangs of Dunwall – Bronze

– You restored the Undine to working condition.

This trophy is story related and will be earned automatically.

Deal Maker – Bronze

– You purchased at least 8 favors in The Brigmore Witches.

Favors can be purchased before the beginning of each level. This trophy should also be attempted on your High Chaos playthrough as you will be spending money. More on that will be explained for the trophy Enough Coin To Disappear. There are a total of 9 favors. You just have to buy them, completing them is not a requirement.

All Come to Ruin – Silver

– You completed The Brigmore Witches in High Chaos.

All you have to do to earn this trophy is kill enemies. Kill as many enemies as you can and this trophy will be yours when you complete the DLC. You are given a score after every mission and it will tell you your current Chaos level.

Changed Ways – Silver

– You completed The Brigmore Witches in Low Chaos.

This trophy will require you to play very stealthily. Do not kill or alert any enemies. Stay crouched, use cover and stay in the shadows to move through the DLC on Low Chaos.

Silence is Golden – Bronze

– You completed The Brigmore Witches without alerting anyone.

This trophy should be attempted on your Low Chaos playthrough. An enemy will count as “alerted” only when all 3 bars over their head fill up, turn red and break. So if you see an enemy with full or a couple white bars, you are still okay and have not been spotted. If you are spotted, load a previous save file and try again.

Cleanest Hands – Bronze

– You completed The Brigmore Witches without killing anyone.

This trophy should be attempted on your Low-Chaos playthrough. Do not kill anyone including the dogs you will encounter later in the game. Stock up on sleep darts in between each mission and knock enemies unconscious by sneaking up behind them and holding R2.

  • Corvo – Just let him kill you at the beginning of the game.
  • Geezer – Instead of killing him, talk to Nurse Trimble and do his mission to get the engine coil non-lethally.
  • Delilah – As you approach her she will be doing a ritual. Go to the island behind her and grab the painting, when she turns her back from the painting she is doing the ritual with, replace it with the painting you grabbed and then just sit and wait.

Enough Coin to Disappear – Silver

– You survived The Brigmore Witches in low chaos with 10,000 coins.

This trophy can be a little tricky as there are only 10,705 coins that can be found in The Brigmore Witches. Make sure you are searching very thoroughly when playing each mission. Also, make sure to not buy anything in between missions, your total must be 10,000 or higher when you complete the game.

Also, because this a continuation of The Knife of Dunwall, you can load that (Low Chaos) save file when starting a new game of The Brigmore Witches. The money earned in the KoD save file will be carried over to your BMW play-through.

Wall of Flesh – Bronze

– You used an enemy lifted with Pull as a shield.

This trophy should be attempted on your High Chaos playthrough. The enemy you grab must be alive for this to work. Pull is a power that you have to buy with Runes. It costs two runes to buy it and another four to upgrade it to be able to grab humans. When you have it fully upgraded, get into a fight with two or more enemies. While in the fight, push and hold R1 (with Pull equipped) to grab an enemy and hold them in front of you. The other attacking enemies will try to attack you and end up hitting the guard you are holding.

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