DC Universe Online on PS4 Targeting 1080p/60fps, PlayStation Plus Members Get an “Additional Perk”

November 6, 2013Written by Jason Dunning


One of the many PS4 launch titles on November 15th/29th is DC Universe Online, a F2P MMO that’s currently available on the PS3 and PC, which was recently updated to get the game ready for PS4.

Answering some lingering questions about the game on PS4 was Jens Andersen, Senior Creative Director, who began by talking about what’s changing:

There are a ton of things changing in DCUO right around the time of the PS4 launch — many of these will be available on all platforms.

First of all, players will see the amazing power of PS4 popping off the screen thanks to the art enhancements we made to the PS3 assets. The game looks and runs amazingly smooth — performance has really improved. We’re targeting 1080p at 60 frames per second.

We’ve also decided to treat this like a re-launch of the game; we’ve received lots of feedback from our veteran players, and we wanted to apply it so new players on the PS4 could benefit from it. For example, the leveling curve has been adjusted, messaging improved, and all kinds of tweaks and polish to the content itself occurred.

While the current subscription model won’t change, Jens did tease that there’s an “additional perk” for PlayStation Plus members, but failed to go in further detail. He did, however, explain that the reason the PS4 version won’t have any exclusive feats/items is because the PS3 and PS4 versions will be sharing the same servers, and they “decided it was best to just keep everything equal.”

Andersen then broke down a few more points about DC Universe Online, which we’ve placed below:

  • DualShock 4 Touch Pad support at launch will be used relegated to it just being used as you would the select button on PS3. Past launch, they plan to use it for scrolling in menus, as well as zooming in and out of maps by pinching.
  • There is PS Vita Remote Play.
  • For the graphics on PS4, the existing assets were increased in fidelity from the PS3 version, with the developers also adding new elements,. For example, Centennial Park looks like a real crash site now, and there are some volumetric fog effects in many areas of the city.
  • The next update for the game will add some new Legends characters and another new power.
  • Characters from the PS3 version do transfer over to the PS4 versions. All you need to do is sign in with your existing account.
  • All the content available on PS3 will be available on day 1 for the PS4.
  • If you have a PS4, you can still play with people who are using a PS3.
  • A DC Universe Online Companion App is being worked on right now for iOS and Android, with a release expected in the near future.

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