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Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition for PS4 Revealed Ahead of March 2014’s PlayStation Plus Details

February 26, 2014 Written by Jason Dunning


When Dead Nation on PS4 was rumored to be a part of the March 2014 PlayStation Plus free games, it seemed weird because there had so far been no news about the existence of Dead Nation on PS4.

Well, one day before the March 2014 PS+ free games in North America and Europe are expected to be revealed, the PlayStation Blog Asia has listed Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition as the free PS4 game for PlayStation Plus members starting on March 6th (it would be free on March 4th in NA, March 5th in EU).

With Housemarque behind Dead Nation, and also the ones who teased something Dead Nation-related on PS4 previously, they’ve been getting lots of questions over on their Twitter account. Keeping the teasing going, they said, “Hold your horses, we’ll have all the answers you want in the next 24/48h, and not much before that.”

In addition, Housemarque confirmed that the PlayStation Vita port of Dead Nation hasn’t been cancelled, so we may hear more about that this week as well.

When the March 2014 PS+ free games in North America and Europe are revealed, we’ll let you know all about them.

Would you be happy with Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition as the PS+ free game on PS4 in March? Let us know in the comments below.