Kano to Return in Mortal Kombat X According to German Magazine (Update)

August 11, 2014Written by Zarmena Khan



Well, it’s confirmed now. Check out the gameplay trailer to see Kano in action.

Original Story:

This is hardly surprising, but it looks like Kano is set to return in Mortal Kombat X, according to images from a German magazine that have appeared on Twitter. Apparently, he will possess wrestling moves and a Flying Knee special attack. Nothing is official yet, though. 

Creator Ed Boon teased some upcoming Mortal Kombat X news recently, so it’s possible that we’ll get to see something at Gamescom next week. In his usual mysterious style, he responded to a fan question by saying, “I won’t play GAMES or try to COMpete with you.” We assume the “COM” part refers to Gamescom. 

The last character revealed was Thunder God Raiden at EVO 2014.

[Source: Twitter via IGN]