The Last Guardian Developer Has a Message for You

February 2, 2015Written by Heath Hindman


At Japanese press conferences, it’s common for creators to be asked to write down a message to the fans. The tradition is sometimes called “Suki na Kotoba,” which literally means, “liked word” or “favorite words” and refers to a feeling of the moment. When Yasuhide Kobayashi was asked to do this at Tokaigi– during a conference that was focused on Hot Shots Golf, of all things — he took everyone by surprise with his message for gamers.

He took his marker and wrote down “The Last Guardian. 2015.2.1. Kobayashi Yasuhide.” (Note: The picture above is the card he wrote. It says 人喰いの大鷲トリコ, which is Hitokui no Owashi Toriko, the Japanese name of The Last Guardian.)

He said that it’s been tough, but he really wants to make this game happen, and soon. He commented, “Everybody likes these words, right?” implying that these aren’t just something dear to his own heart.

As background, Kobayashi was a developer on the project before it went silent. He has since left the project.

The interesting bit here is that Kobayashi wasn’t even asked about The Last Guardian. He brought it up on his own, which is something we almost never see from anyone close to the project, past or present. Usually, these vague non-messages come once per every 100,000 Tweets or emails Sony gets about the game.

Will it lead to anything this time?

[Source: GameKana]