Visceral Games Explains Why Players Might Choose Non-Lethal Weapons in Battlefield Hardline

February 2, 2015Written by Alex Co


In case you didn’t know, Battlefield Hardline will introduce non-lethal weaponry in the franchise, and it won’t be just for single-player.

During a roundtable interview with Visceral Games which was conducted last week, we asked studio General Manager Steve Papoutsis why players would choose to use non-lethal weaponry in the shooter’s multiplayer component.

On the multiplayer side, we’ve got some fun mechanics — again, the stun gun and the non-lethal take downs, and you can also handcuff or zip tie guys, depending on if you’re cops or criminals, and once you’ve done that, you can interrogate them, which will reveal the locations of their squad mates on the map for a very short period of time, so that’s another kind of bonus for playing non-lethally in multiplayer. 

That’s certainly an interesting mechanic — and one that should differentiate itself from its military shooter brother, Battlefield 4.

Are you looking forward to non-lethal takedowns and weapons in Battlefield Hardline? Don’t forget, the open beta starts tomorrow, which won’t even have a level cap.

Stay tuned to our full roundtable interview going up later this week.