Diablo 3 Patch 2.2.0 Detailed, Introduces Legendary Updates and New Goblins to Chase

February 21, 2015Written by Zarmena Khan


Blizzard has offered a first look at the upcoming patch 2.2.0 for Diablo 3, which adds new content including bounties and goblins. 

Under Legendary Updates, the game will receive three new six-piece sets; Unhallowed Essence, Wrath of the Wastes, and Delsere’s Magnum Opus. Existing sets will either be redesigned or will get new bonuses. These changes mean that players will have ten new play styles to try out. Blizzard is also adding over 15 new Legendary powers in the form of Legendary gems, armor, rings, and more, alongside updating existing items.

Adventure mode updates include new Rift layouts and new bounties. Patch 2.2.0 will bring new Rift tilesets based on the Fields of Misery and Festering Woods from Act I, Stinging Winds from Act II, and Fields of Slaughter from Act III. In addition to this, players will have over 20 new bounties to discover in Acts II, IV, and V. A new type of bounty, Exploration, has also been announced. “As the name implies, these new bounties involve exploring an area and finding people who need to be rescued (if they’re good guys) or slain (if they’re not),” Blizzard explains.

Quality of Life updates will bring three new goblins to chase. According to the developer:

The Gelatinous Sire splits into smaller goblins, the Gilded Baron helps satisfy your never-ending greed for gold, and the Insufferable Miscreant has friends to help him run interference.

Patch 2.2.0 will have a very minor focus on class updates. The patch is still in progress, and a release date has not been announced.

[Source: Battle.net]