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GameStop USA Accepting PS2 Trade-Ins Once Again, Offers $25 Credit

March 2, 2015Written by Jason Dunning

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After ceasing trade-ins of the system in June 2013, GameStop USA announced today that they are once again accepting PlayStation 2’s because they know “that demand for this iconic piece of video game history is still high.”

Noting how this may be the “last opportunity” for people to trade in their old PS2 system to the store, GameStop is offering $25 credit for a system complete with power cable, A/V cable, and one controller. If you don’t have the accessories, you’ll receive $20 credit.

No end date was announced for this new trade promotion.

The most successful console in history, President Kaz Hirai does believe that the PS2 could be surpassed one day by the PlayStation 4 in terms of profit.

Will you be trading in your PS2 for $25? Or will you hold onto it?