Will Overwatch’s Next Hero Be a Support Sniper?

July 6, 2016Written by Keri Honea

Overwatch support sniper

Overwatch fans have been speculating for some time that the next hero to be added to the popular arena shooter will be another sniper. It’s now looking like they were close, but perhaps the hero will be a support sniper. The official Overwatch Twitter account tweeted out the above image with the following caption:

[ARCHIVE] Communications Records of Ziegler, A. – Overwatch File 00231 – Security Classification: CONFIDENTIAL

The image is a proposed blueprint for a “prototype biotic rifle,” designed by Torbjörn. He has notes on the blueprint, and so does Mercy. He insists that he designed the biotic rifle to be used by medics and that’s its own intent, but Mercy notes that others could turn it into something a bit more deadly.

Many fans are also theorizing that the next hero will be named Sombra, as the Dorado map drops several hints that there is such a character. Game Director Jeff Kaplan even told Eurogamer,

I would say it’s about time that people are concerned with who Sombra is.

No announcement yet as to when the next hero will release, or if this support sniper is even the heralded Sombra.

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