Sony Offers Up PSVR Image Drift Solution (Update)

October 28, 2016Written by Tyler Treese


Update: Sony has issued a clarification to PlayStation LifeStyle and mentioned, “DualShock 4 does not have anything to do with the PS VR’s headset drift.” This message isn’t on the support site, but will be updated to reflect it soon.

Additionally, Sony has said that “The support site said that you shouldn’t have DS4 plugged in, since the cable can obstruct the light bar for VR tracking. That is indeed true, but again, has no effect on the actual tracking of the PS VR headset itself.”

Hopefully, this helps clear up a few things.

Original Story: There has been a lot to be impressed about with PlayStation VR, mainly due to it having quite the impressive launch lineup, but Sony’s virtual reality headset hasn’t been without issues. The major malfunction that users have run into has to do with the PlayStation Camera’s tracking, and how it can sometimes be inconsistent with how it picks up controllers and the headset itself. In fact, one common issue has the entire picture drifting to one side.

Thankfully, Sony is aware of the PSVR image drift issue. Here’s PlayStation’s official suggestion on how to fix it courtesy of their website:

If your DualShock 4 wireless controller is connected to your PS4 system with the charging cable, this can sometimes interfere with the PlayStation Camera’s view of the light bar. Play wirelessly to stop this issue.

  • Recommended distance from camera for play is approximately 1.5 m – 2.0 m (5 – 7ft).
  • Place the camera in a vibration-free location.
  • Adjust the height, direction, and angle of the camera.
  • Play directly in front of the camera.

If players follow those instructions, then the PlayStation VR image drift issue should be reduced if not solved outright. It’s pretty disappointing that something as simple as a charging cable can cause such a major tracking issue, but at least the solution seems easy enough to implement. It’s really the one big bummer on what is otherwise a really well made headset.

Let us know in the comments below if you’ve encountered PS VR image drift, and if these suggestions have helped you out any.

(Source: Power Up Gaming)