PSA: Battlefield 1 Servers Currently Experiencing Connectivity Issues (Update 4)

October 30, 2016Written by Zarmena Khan

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Update 4 (October 31): EA is now reporting an outage, resulting in issues with Battlefield 1 and other games:

Update 3:

We’re told that the problem is now resolved and missing stats should reappear. It’s recommended that you restart your console.

Update 2:

The EA Support Twitter account claims that servers are back up and running but there are still some connectivity and stat loading issues on the PS4. Some users are reporting that their stats have been wiped out. EA has said that its tech team is looking into it alongside the folks over at PlayStation.

If you’re experiencing any other issues, we recommend bringing it to EA’s attention here.

Update 1: 

As some users reported, the issue isn’t specific to Battlefield 1. It’s actually occurring across all of EA’s networks and Origin is also affected. Titanfall 2‘s official Twitter account didn’t mention any console connectivity issues but did say that PC users might experience some trouble.

Some are speculating that this is a DDoS attack. We’ll update our readers when we have more info.

Original story:

Some of our readers brought to our attention that they have been unable to play Battlefield 1 online. It looks like servers are indeed down for some folks. It’s unclear if this is a widespread issue or if it’s only affecting some users, but Electronic Arts and DICE are on the case. The developers issued the following statement on Twitter a couple of hours ago:

There haven’t been any updates since then so the issue might be ongoing. Perhaps, servers were overloaded considering it’s a weekend. However, it’s worth noting that some folks are reporting that EA’s Origin is down as well so it might not be a Battlefield 1 problem after all.

Are any of our readers experiencing issues with the game or any of EA’s other servers/Origin right now? If yes, let us know.

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