PS4 Pro Specs Compared to Base Model, Game Enhancements Detailed

Michael Briers

PS4 Pro is almost upon us, and if you’re still curious about how Sony’s imminent hardware refresh iterates on the standard PS4, Eurogamer has posted an exhaustive comparison piece that sheds new light on both the Pro’s internal specs and its power consumption. Elsewhere, a separate report put together by Push Square claims that the upcoming console is the quietest of all PS4s to date.

First up, nipping at the heels of Digital Foundry’s analysis, Eurogamer’s findings present a detailed overview of the CPU, GPU and memory of the PS4 Pro model — expect a 1.3x boost, a 2.3x boost and 24 percent more bandwidth in that order.

In terms of power consumption, the breakdown reveals that the Pro model practically cuts down on energy usage across the board — disc install, downloading, and rest mode are all down on the launch PS4 model — and it’s only when rendering inFamous: First Light that the Pro uses more power than its counterparts.

Drawing a line in the sand, Eurogamer’s report then posts a series of attributes that differentiate the Pro from its brethren. Check them out:

Finally, the outlet comprised a list of the software that will come packing PS4 Pro support on day-one:

Last and certainly not least, there’s also a detailed tech breakdown hailing from PlayStation Access.

PS4 Pro launches on Thursday, November 10. Our official review found Sony’s hardware upgrade to be one brimming with potential — if developers properly extract the goods beneath the hood.

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