Final Fantasy XV Features Two Display Modes on PS4 Pro

November 11, 2016Written by Tyler Treese

Final Fantasy XV PS4

Square Enix has detailed how Final Fantasy XV will support PS4 Pro. The highly anticipated role-playing game will allow gamers to choose from two display settings. One will prioritize graphical quality, while the other will run at 60 frames-per-second.

These details come from the latest Square Enix Active Time Report video, that the Japanese publisher puts out. Those that want to see the game in its full glory will want to choose the display mode that has the game running at a 4K resolution. That does come with a downside, though, as it runs at only 30 frames-per-second. Those that prioritize performance over visual quality, can instead choose to play the game at 1080p, but with a frame-rate of 60 FPS.

It’s great to see Square Enix giving players options, as trade-off will happen with the PS4 Pro’s enhanced, yet still limited, power. There’s no right way to play, and gamers can choose which display mode they prefer. These tiered settings are the way to go when both visual quality and performance can’t be fully maximized.

Whether you believe it or not, Final Fantasy XV will finally release November 29 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. A Japanese-exclusive demo is available starting today. It features the first hour of the game, but unfortunately save data will not carry over to the full version. Players can make a Japanese PlayStation Network account if they want to check it out, but it’s probably better to just wait.

Let us know in the comments below which display mode you’ll be choosing!

(Source: Square Enix via Eurogamer)