Naughty Dog Shows Off Ellie’s Tattoo in The Last of Us Part II, Which Was Teased Months Ago

December 8, 2016Written by Jason Dunning


The Last of Us Part II was officially announced for PlayStation 4 at PlayStation Experience this weekend, but Naughty Dog actually teased it a few months ago as part of their Outbreak Day festivities.

Reddit user soapaddict97 posted the above image following the unveiling of The Last of Us Part II, comparing the design on Naughty Dog’s poster for Outbreak Day 2016 and Ellie’s tattoo in the reveal trailer. On Twitter, Naughty Dog Communications Manager Scott Lowe linked to the post from the “eagle eyed folks at /r/TheLastOfUs.”

Because they received so many requests, Naughty Dog posted some art for Ellie’s tattoo and outfit:

On the Naughty Dog website, Lowe said, “Alongside The Lost Legacy, we officially confirmed The Last of Us Part II with a world reveal trailer that closed out the Showcase. Many of us from the studio were in the audience and the reception from the crowd was unforgettable. We are truly fortunate to have such a passionate community of fans around the world.”

So far, we know The Last of Us Part II will star a 19-year old Ellie, the story is about hate, and Bruce Straley won’t be back as director. It’s also been revealed that Westworld writer Halley Gross will co-write the game with Neil Druckmann.

Meanwhile, the song featured in the trailer, Through the Valley by Shawn James, is now the #1 song on the Spotify’s UK Viral 50 Chart.

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