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Sledgehammer Hints at Potential Setting for Call of Duty 2017

January 3, 2017Written by Michael Briers


Over the festive season, developer Sledgehammer Games Tweeted out a message that appears to hint at the potential setting of this year’s Call of Duty.

Published on New Year’s Day, the snippet features an old (steam?) engine that judders into life, before the dials turn to ‘2017’. Just as those numbers align, you’ll then hear an old-timey chime, which many believe to be the sound of London’s Big Ben. That’s just conjecture for now, as the next installment in Activision’s juggernaut series typically isn’t unveiled until May. It does, however, raise the question: Will Call of Duty 2017 take place in the 20th century?

What do our readers make of Sledgehammer’s Tweet? Indeed do you think that the studio will break course from the Advanced Warfare sub-brand for something new? Speculate with us below.

[Source: Twitter via NeoGAF]