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Super Icon’s Creative Director on Developing for Vita: “It has Financially Ruined me”

“During the course of development my relationship with SCEE has been badly damaged, the stress and worry off the scale.”


Devil’s Third Is 80% Complete, Coming Out in 2014

Devil’s 4/15

Battlefield 4

DICE Delays Battlefield 4 2XP Event For Premium Members After “Intermittent Connectivity Problems”

Who is running their servers, Sony?


PlayStation Japan Releases First PS4 Ad, Takes us on a Journey Around the World

At least they’re showing ads somewhere…


PS Vita’s Tearaway is $19.99 on Amazon US Now as a Digital Download



At Peak Sales, Amazon Shifted More Than 1,000 PS4s and Xbox Ones a Minute

But how many of each?


nDreams Announces PS4 Exclusive Title for 2014, “it’s Going to be Something Truly Special”

New content coming to PS Home too.

wood Christmas eve 2013 (4 of 7)

20+ Apps Coming to UK PS4s Before Spring 2014

This makes me appy.