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At Peak Sales, Amazon Shifted More Than 1,000 PS4s and Xbox Ones a Minute

But how many of each?


nDreams Announces PS4 Exclusive Title for 2014, “it’s Going to be Something Truly Special”

New content coming to PS Home too.

wood Christmas eve 2013 (4 of 7)

20+ Apps Coming to UK PS4s Before Spring 2014

This makes me appy.


Insurance Won’t Cover Hello Games’ Flood Damage

Give me a donate button.

GTAV Review1

GTA Online: Rockstar “Working on a Fix” to Remove GTA$ Gained Through Exploits, Plans to “Punish” Cheaters

Don’t worry if you’ve been gifted money.


PS4’s Share Recording Function Broken For Some, Here’s a Fix That May or May Not Work #PS4Share

We’re totally Sirius.


Sony is Aware of PSN Problems, Disappearing Friends Lists, Download, Login Issues, NW-31448-0, is “Investigating”

Of course they’re aware, they read PSLS.

Best Buy has PS4s, PS4 Bundles in Stock Right Now

A gift from Santa Kaz.


A Daily Reaction Christmas

Sexy images inside.


12 Months of US PlayStation Plus on Sale for $34.99 at Best Buy

Usually $49.99.


Merry Christmas From PlayStation LifeStyle

One of us has more wood than the rest.

No Man's Sky

Hello Games Talks Flood Damage: “We’ll Come Back Stronger”

Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger, Drier?


Sony to Discontinue Gran Turismo 5, Resistance 1-3’s Online Features in Early 2014

Expect an identical post, but with PS4 games, when the PS5 comes out.


Gift Givers – Download the Latest PS4 Firmware Update Now, It Will Make Your Present So Much Better

Quick, before the PSN dies!