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Analysts ‘Reconfirm’ NGP for a 2011 Release

The NGP hype-train is picking up steam as we head closer andRead the full article…

ngp back

Why No One Will be Looking at the NGP’s Biggest Feature

Since the initial announcement of Sony’s Next-Generation Portable, aptly named the NGP, people have raved over its myriad of features. They seem to be skipping over the most important one that’s actually on the back.

Sony Going Back To Its Roots

It’s important to not only have a powerful gaming console, but toRead the full article…

Sony Dev Says “The NGP is The Machine We All Wanted”

The NGP took everyone by surprise last month with its sudden debutRead the full article…

Nintendo Not Phased By Sony’s New Handheld

With the recent announcement of the Sony NGP, Nintendo should be aRead the full article…

Father of PlayStation Quiet on NGP

Everyone knows that Ken Kutaragi is considered the father of not onlyRead the full article…

Cross-Platform Play Between the NGP and PS3 is Certainly Possible

It’s no secret that developers everywhere are excited about the NGP, with the super-powered device being pretty close to a PS3 in your pocket. So that means if the same game is on both platforms, you can play together, right?

The NGP Could Even Have Games like Gears of War

Is there anything the NGP can’t do? It already does Uncharted, Killzone, and Call of Duty, but who is to say the games stop there? Epic Games is very excited about the device and is already working on what to do with it.

NGP ND Insomniac Feature

The PS3’s Biggest Developers are Passing their Property for the NGP

Sony’s incredible new handheld gaming device, codenamed NGP, had an unbelievable lineup of games at the showing. But some of the biggest titles aren’t coming from the expected developers.


NGP As Powerful As the PS3, But Will it Be As Expensive At Launch?

By now we know that the claims, as bold as they were,Read the full article…


NGP To Have an “Affordable Price”

With 3G, a 4 Core CPU, GPS, 2 cameras and SixAxis asRead the full article…

Extensive 3rd Party Support Planned for NGP

With a bunch of games already announced for the NGP, the newRead the full article…

Call of Duty Coming To Sony’s NGP

Amidst the freight train of information that has rammed us head onRead the full article…


NGP Image Gallery Is Stunning

Sony’s PlayStation Meeting took place in Tokyo, Japan, so – quality imagesRead the full article…


Official Sony NGP Spec Sheet

The PlayStation Meeting 2011 happened so fast, it was easy to missRead the full article…


NGP and LiveArea Official Sony Trailer

Following tonight’s massive announcements, Sony has provided us with an official trailerRead the full article…


Kojima to Announce NGP “Dream” Game at E3

As if it couldn’t get any better. Hot off the back ofRead the full article…


NGP (PSP2) Is Getting Near-er

The PlayStation Meeting is packed with details about the Next Generation Portable.Read the full article…


LiveArea To Redefine Portable Gaming Connectivity

Not often now-a-days do you see something truly incorporate new ideas intoRead the full article…

NGP To Be Backwards Compatible

With all the amazing news coming in about the “Next Generation Portable”Read the full article…