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PS4 Rhythm Games – A Look at Current and Upcoming Titles

All these games will make you get down with the beat.

PS3 Version of Amplitude Slated for April Release

Submitted to Sony for certification.

Game of the Month with Community Votes – January 2016

Witness the Amplitude of Tanks in the LEGO Banner War.

Harmonix: Likelihood of Amplitude DLC Hinges on Install Base

“Developing DLC is expensive.”

Harmonix Working With Sony to Resolve Amplitude Code Issues

Quite a few countries affected.

Amplitude Review – Synthesized Rhythm (PS4)

Kickstarted to success?

PS4, PS3 & PS Vita New Releases: January 3 – 9, 2016 – Rebel Rivals

2016 is here.

PlayStation New Releases for January 2016 Spotlight

Get the skinny on the first batch of PlayStation releases of 2016.

January 2016 PS4, PS3 & PS Vita New Releases in North America and Europe

It’s a much busier month than you were probably expecting.

PSX 2015: Amplitude Preview – Rhythmic Embargo

This is me not talking about it.

Amplitude Gets a January 5, 2016 Release Date on PS4, Full Soundtrack Revealed

Some Kickstarter backers will get early access on December 23.

Harmonix Delays Amplitude to 2016, Expands the Game’s Scope

Dec 2015 if you qualify for early access.

Daily Reaction: Kickstarting Shenmue III, Broken Age, and More – Money Where Your Mouth Is

Talk is cheap, and there is a vocal minority.

Amplitude Receives a Gameplay Trailer, Team Multiplayer Detailed

A cult classic is reborn.

Rhythm Game Amplitude Delayed to Summer 2015

First time developing for the PS4.

Amplitude Gameplay Video Gives First Look at the Upcoming PS4 and PS3 Rhythm Game

Shooting to the beat.

Harmonix Gives Off-Screen First Look at Amplitude Gameplay

The PS4 and PS3 game is progressing well.

Amplitude PS3/PS4 Kickstarter Reaches Goal, Sets Lofty Stretch Goal With Hours to go

They had the right ‘tude.

The Catch-Up: May 15th, 2014 – Bombshell Announced for PS4

Hideo Kojima talks E3 Phantom Pain trailer; Is the PS Vita getting a price drop to $179.99?

Harmonix’s Amplitude “Successor” for PS4 and PS3 Goes to Kickstarter for Funding

Based on early success, this will get funded.