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Battlefield V battle royale

DICE Talks Battlefield V’s Battle Royale and Lack of Paid DLC

DICE is working hard to mend a fractured community.

battlefield 5 multiplayer

E3 2018: Check Out Battlefield V Multiplayer Trailer

All-out warfare.

Battlefield 5 battle royale

E3 2018: Battlefield V Battle Royale Confirmed

The rumors were true.

Battlefield 5 Airborne Mode coming

EA and Dice Tease a Battlefield V Airborne Mode

Parachute into battle!

battlefield 5 female characters

NieR: Automata Director Yoko Taro Comments on Battlefield V Female Character Controversy

Spoiler: he doesn’t agree with the criticisms.

battlefield 5 female characters

DICE GM Responds to Battlefield V Criticisms, Says Female Characters Are Here to Stay

It’s “everyone’s battlefield.”

No Battlefield 5 loot boxes

No Loot Boxes in Battlefield V, EA Confirms

Unknown whether the Battlefront II backlash shaped how they are doing content.

Battlefield 5 premium Pass

There Will Be No Premium Pass in Battlefield V, All Post-Launch Content Free

Focusing on a live service model for the game, expanding the theaters of war.

battlefield 5 release date

Check Out the Action-Packed Battlefield V Reveal Trailer, Launching in October

Heading back to WWII with the War Stories anthology format from Battlefield 1.

battlefield 5 reveal

Watch the Battlefield V Live Reveal Event Right Here, Starts at 1 PM PST/4 PM EST

Will there be a Battle Royale mode?

Battlefield 1 Player Base

Battlefield 1 Player Base Drops Rapidly, Gamers Want New Games

Hey, where’d everyone go?

battle royale mode

Former Ubisoft Dev Says Online Shooters Will Now Start Shipping With Battle Royale by Default

Alex Hutchinson likens the mode to Team Deathmatch.

battlefield 1 cte

Battlefield 1 CTE Won’t Return to Consoles, DICE Promises ‘Exciting News’

It’s safe to uninstall it now.

battlefield loot boxes

Battlefield Devs Approaching Loot Boxes With Caution in Upcoming Title

No one wants a Battlefront II.

Battlefield 2018

Battlefield 2018 Will Release in October Says EA

EA still has plenty of games to release.

battlefield 1 turning tides

Battlefield 1’s Big January Update and Second Part of Turning Tides DLC Out Next Week

There’ll be some downtime.

Read the Battlefield 1 Update 1.20 Patch Notes

Battlefield 1’s Apocalypse Expansion Detailed, Out in February

Adds new Air Assault mode.

battlefield bad company 3

Recent Battlefield Bad Company 3 Rumors Seem to Have Been Debunked

But, apparently, the idea did exist.