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battlefield 1 DLC

DICE Shares Teaser Trailer for Battlefield 1’s “They Shall Not Pass” Expansion, Info Coming Next Week

Playable French army incoming.


Battlefield 1 to Receive New Custom Game on January 18, Improvement Patch in February

They Shall Not Pass is still on track for March.

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Battlefield 1 Holiday Event Schedule Revealed by DICE

Chuck a grenade for the holidays!

battlefield 1 DLC

Battlefield 1 They Shall Not Pass DLC “Concept Exploration Images” Revealed

Gandalf not included.

battlefield 1 DLC

Upcoming Battlefield 1 DLC Gets Concept Art Depicting French Army

They shall not pass.

Top 5 Battlefield 1 Update Features Dec 2016 Featured

Top 5 Battlefield 1 Features From the Latest Update

In the giant’s shadow…


Battlefield 1 Update Today Adds Giant’s Shadow, Balances Weapons & Much More

This 3.7GB update includes a lot of changes.


Battlefield 1: Premium Pass Holders Will Gain Access to Giant’s Shadow and Spectator Mode Tomorrow

Spectator Mode grants players a bird’s-eye view and free-floating camera.


Battlefield 1 Giant’s Shadow Map Trailer Reveals Date, Grenade Crossbow

Pre-ordered Battlefield 1 or bought the Premium Pass? You get early access.

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DICE Vows to Fix Battlefield 1’s PS4 Pro Issues With Next Title Update

“The quality of the textures are, since launch, untouched.”

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Battlefield 1 Gets New Custom Game “Line of Sight”

First expansion coming March 2017.


EA: No New Battlefield Game in 2017, Star Wars Battlefront Sequel to Be “Much Bigger”

Expect Battlefront 2 to draw from content in the new movies.

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Battlefield 1 Fall Update Made No PS4 Pro-Specific Changes, According to DICE

Investigation into performance issues is ongoing.

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DICE Looking Into Battlefield 1 Update 1.04 Downgrade Reports

Seems to be a multi-platform issue.

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Battlefield 1 Adds Hardcore Mode, Battlefest Begins

Everyone loves a good Battlefest.


Report: Battlefield 1 Multiplayer Is Much Smoother on PS4 Pro, Update Brought Downgrades

47% frame-rate increase reported on PS4 Pro at times.

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Battlefield 1 Update 1.04 Today on PS4, Xbox One & PC Brings Tons of Changes

We’ve got all of the patch notes.

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Titanfall 2 and Battlefield 1 Sale at Target Lets You Get Each for $35

Good deals for great games.


Battlefield 1 Saw the Biggest Launch in DICE History

Horses scored the most vehicle kills.

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DICE GM Patrick Bach Departs Studio (Update)

Leaving on a high note…