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DriveClub Update 1.04 Rolling Out Now, Patch Notes Revealed

Still “no date to share just yet” on the DriveClub PlayStation Plus Edition.


New DriveClub Update, Server Upgrades Coming Within 24 Hours

There may be some disruptions to online play as they run diagnostics.

driveclub crash

DriveClub Launch Debacle: Lessons Learned for Developers

Disaster management.

Driveclub 2

Japanese Sales Chart: DriveClub Debuts to Under 10,000, 3DS Destroys Everyone

PS4 outsells PS Vita.


DriveClub Server Performance Improves, Allows More People to Play Online

No mention of the PlayStation Plus Edition.


Next DriveClub Server Update Coming Within 24 Hours, Will Allow For More Access to Online Features

More info coming tomorrow.

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DriveClub Dev Considering Compensation for Players, Still No PlayStation Plus Edition Release Date

“We want to make sure we’re certain we’ve fixed issues before we give a date.”


Evolution: We Ran a DriveClub Beta “And None of These Issues Occurred”

“We had confidence everything was ready.”


UK Sales Chart: DriveClub Debuts in 5th Place, Nothing Can Beat FIFA 15

Alien: Isolation was the biggest new release.


DriveClub Update 1.03 Fixes Game Issues, Reduces Server Load

It’s a staggered launch by region.


DriveClub Server Updates This Weekend Will Impact Challenges & Social Update Availability

“This is really the best way for us to improve server performance.”


DriveClub Director Addresses Rubber Banding Claims, More Server Improvements Coming This Weekend

“We’re targeting to sync all stats, but we can’t make promises just yet.”


“Essential” DriveClub Diagnostics Could Interrupt Online Play Over the Next 24 Hours

UK launch will happen as planned tomorrow.


DriveClub Servers Won’t Accept New Players Until a Current One Leaves

More information coming today.


DriveClub Server Overload Due to “Social Interactivity Between Players”

The amount of players isn’t to blame.

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DriveClub PlayStation Plus Edition Delayed Due to Server Overload

“We fully appreciate how frustrating this is for everyone.”


Sony Aware of DriveClub & PSN Issues, Working to Resolve Them (Update 4)

They’re also aware of Destiny’s maintenance.


DriveClub Update 1.02 Released, MyDriveClub App Detailed

Hit the road.

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DriveClub Review – Staying on Track (PS4)



DriveClub Pre-Load Available, Game Unlocks at Midnight Pacific in North America

Day 1 update will be small.