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DriveClub Gets One Step to Closer to Release: ESRB Rates the Title as E for Everyone

Give us a release date!


PlayStation Website Gives DriveClub a Release Date of February 22nd, 2014 in Japan

Could this mean North America and Europe would be around the same time?


DriveClub’s AI, Audio & Ambient Lighting Still Being Improved; “We Care About Even the Smallest Details”

Screen tearing happens rarely, “but even that’s too often.”


Ask PSLS: What Are Your Thoughts on the PS4 Launch Line-up Following the Recent Game Delays?

Watch Dogs and DriveClub, you will be missed.


Contrast Will Replace DriveClub in the PS4′s PlayStation Plus Instant Game Collection at Launch, Joins Resogun

DriveClub PlayStation Plus Edition will still be free when the game releases.


DriveClub Release Date Officially Delayed Until Early 2014, “We Can Assure You That it Will be Worth the Wait”

PS4 launch titles are dropping like flies.


Rumor: DriveClub Release Date Delayed From PS4 Launch to Spring 2014

Won’t someone please think of the children?


Drive Club – A Guided Tour At Sony’s TGS Booth (Hands-on)

I don’t trust any club that will accept ME as a member.


New DriveClub 1080p Video Features a Time Trial in Chile, Goes From Day to Night

No music, just the car noises.