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final fantasy 14 concert update

First-Ever Final Fantasy XIV Hollywood Red Carpet Cosplay Walk Will be Happening Before the Eorzean Symphony

Imagine being a Moogle, walking around Hollywood. Kupo!

final fantasy xiv under the moonlight patch notes

Square Enix Releases Final Fantasy 14: Under the Moonlight Patch Notes

FF14 players can finally taste the new patch!

final fantasy 14 orchestra

The Eorzean Symphony Will Be Descending to Our World This Year

You’d definitely get buffed up hard with these many bards playing!

Final Fantasy 14 Patch

Check Out a Gallery of Final Fantasy XIV Version 4.1 Screenshots

Soon you’ll be able to return to Ivalice.

Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood Preview – Eastern Promises (PS4)

The first step in solving a problem is recognizing there’s a problem to solve in the first place.

Showcase: Final Fantasy XIV Fan and Concept Art

No LEGO love.

Experience Life in Eorzea in First FFXIV Gameplay Video

It’s almost crazy to think that it’s now 2010 and 13 mainRead the full article…

FFXIII Includes Ticket To Final Fantasy XIV

Gamers who have purchased or imported Final Fantasy XIII can look forwardRead the full article…

Final Fantasy XIV Site Gets Transformation

Final Fantasy XIV was announced at E3 2009 as an upcoming “sequel”Read the full article…

Final Fantasy XIV Makes its Gameplay Debut

After perusing through countless screenshots and teaser videos, gameplay has finally surfacedRead the full article…

Final Fantasy XIV Online Sony Press Trailer in HD

Below you will find the HD footage of one of the biggestRead the full article…

Final Fantasy XIV Online Announced

Coming straight out of Sony’s E3 press conference is a new gameRead the full article…