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ffxiv kefka trailer

Latest Final Fantasy XIV Trailer Teases Infamous Villain

What role will he play?

New Details About Final Fantasy XIV Patch 4.2, PvP Updates, Beast Tribe Quests, and Subaquatic Voyages

We’ll probably get one more update before the patch releases.

Final Fantasy XIV Heavensturn Event is Running Now, Ends January 15

Celebrating the Year of the Dog.

There’s Lots More to Come to Final Fantasy XIV in 2018, Yoshida Teases New Content

A cryptic message about the future of the realm.

final fantasy 14 winter sale

Grab Some Nice Discounts with the Final Fantasy XIV Winter Sale

Grab some items to change your look on a discount.

final fantasy 14 stormblood art book

Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood Art Book is Gorgeous

You’ll also get a code for an in-game minion.

final fantasy xiv patch 4.2 screenshots

New Final Fantasy XIV Patch 4.2 Screenshots Showcase New Primal and More

New primal, mainline story, and more.

FF14 free login

Square Enix Details Latest Final Fantasy XIV Patch, Reveals Fan Festival 2018 Dates

New patch out as well!

FF14 free login

Log on to Final Fantasy XIV up to 96 Hours for Free

Take advantage of some free time to catch up on quests!

ffxiv expansion

Final Fantasy XIV Devs Currently Working on the Game’s Next Expansion

They have plans for the next two years laid out.

final fantasy xiv update 4.15

The Latest Update to Final Fantasy XIV Adds a New PvP Mode, Out Now

Get your tower destruction on

final fantasy 14 patch

Get a Preview of Final Fantasy XIV Patch 4.15

Bards will get Performance Actions!


Square Enix is Cracking Down on Real Money Trading Accounts

Square is taking a banhammer to those that are ruining the economy.

Buying Real Snacks Will Get You In-Game Final Fantasy XIV Honey Buns

It’s a tasty treat!

FFXIV Patch 4.1 notes

Earn Unique Items in Final Fantasy XIV’s All Saints Wake Event

Runs through November 1!

Yoshida Promises Improvements to the Final Fantasy XIV Housing Situation

The developers knowledge the plot shortages.

Final Fantasy XIV

9 Callbacks Final Fantasy Fans May Notice in Final Fantasy XIV

Koji Fox and Banri Oda discuss the iconic inclusions.

FFXIV Patch 4.1 notes

Final Fantasy XIV Patch 4.1 Out Now, Read Patch Notes

It’s a major patch!

FFXIV Patch 4.1 notes

Preliminary Final Fantasy XIV Patch 4.1 Notes Posted

Only a few days away.

Final Fantasy XIV Director Wants Game to Last 10 Years

Can it pass WoW?