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Activision Reveals 10 New Heavy Metal and Hard Rock Songs for Guitar Hero Live

A total of 34 songs have been revealed so far.


First 24 Guitar Hero Live Songs Revealed, New Tracks to Be Announced Each Week

Includes The Rolling Stones, Fall Out Boy, Green Day, and many more artists.


First Ten Songs in Guitar Hero Live Revealed

“Killer song list” promised.


Guitar Hero Live’s GHTV to Launch With “Hundreds” of Songs “at Minimum”

“In GHTV alone.”


Harmonix Plans to Support Old Guitar Hero Controllers in Rock Band 4

Don’t throw them away yet!


Guitar Hero Live Won’t Work With Your Past Guitar Hero DLC or Guitars

Learn a bit more about the new game coming to PS4 and PS3 this Fall.


Guitar Hero Live Announced for PS4 & PS3, Launches in Fall 2015 for $99.99

Includes hundreds of songs, a redesigned controller, and much more.


Activision Teases Potential New Guitar Hero Announcement With Latest Trailer

You’ll have to wait 24 hours to see the full reveal.


The Rise and Fall of Guitar Hero and Rock Band

How did the plastic instrument get started? This and more are discussed in the video!


Rumor: New Guitar Hero Game in the Works, Announcement Possibly Coming at E3 2015

PS4 and Xbox One versions mentioned.


Tony Hawk Studio Neversoft Closed, Sets Fire to Logo

Blaze of Glory


Guitar Hero, DJ Hero, Band Hero DLC Soon to Disappear Forever

But some of it is on sale for up to 50% off in the meantime.

Rumor: The Guitar Hero Franchise… Not as Discontinued as We Thought?

It was announced months ago that Activision would be discontinuing their formerlyRead the full article…

Guitar Hero Developer Moving on to the FPS Genre

With the exceptions of Spider-Man in 2000 and Gun in 2005, NeversoftRead the full article…

Xperia Play Already Has A Growing Library

The Xperia Play has already been announced, but there have been manyRead the full article…

Harmonix Responds to Guitar Hero Receiving the Axe

The gaming world was shaken (though perhaps not too unexpectedly) by theRead the full article…


Activision Kills Guitar Hero, Cancels True Crime: Hong Kong

So long, Guitar Hero. Until we meet again…

Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock Disappointing At Retail

Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock was released during the last week of September. This was developer Neversoft’s last shot at the long-running series, since publisher Activision had handed the reigns over to the team at Vicarious Visions. But it looks like Neversoft’s final gig in the series may have been its most disappointing.

Guitar Hero’s Warriors of Rock to Shred Last Year’s Hero

It’s time to face that facts: The dominace that the Music Genre had over the gaming industry is slowy, but surely, coming to an end. But that has stopped Activision from claiming that the year’s entry for Guitar Hero, Warriors of Rock, will silence the critics and sell more copies than last year’s version, World Tour. Has Activision visited the future or will this rock show just not retire?

GameStop’s Exclusive Guitar Hero Axe Will Shred In Style

Activision’s Rock installments have been taking the stage to the gamer inRead the full article…