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Mantis psvr headphones review 1

Mantis PSVR Headphones Hardware Review – Virtual Convenience

Audio solution always on hand.


E3 2017 – The Walking Dead VR Game in the Works

Zombie VR!


E3 2017 – Sony Unveils Inpatient, a New Horror Game Coming to PSVR

Sony going big with PSVR.


E3 2017 – Sony Shows Off Sparc VR Gameplay in New Trailer

Looks interesting.

breaking bad psvr

Sony Working on Breaking Bad PSVR Project and It’s Not a Game

Details have yet to be revealed.


Forge Reply Announces Mythical Action-Adventure Game Theseus for PSVR

Virtual reality minotaurs!


Over 400k PSVR Headsets Shipped in the First Quarter of 2017

It outsold the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift.


Google Acquires Job Simulator Creator Owlchemy Labs

Job Simulator 2, maybe?


Research Firm Reveals PlayStation VR Sold 375,000 Units in Q1 2017

VR on PS4 is here to stay.


What Next for PlayStation VR?

It’s been six months since Sony’s device touched down, but how do things stand?

PSVR Price

Kaz Hirai Talks PSVR’s Advantage Over Competitors, Says Sony Wants to Take VR Beyond Games

Sony is involved in non-gaming VR aspects, too.


PS4 Media Player Update Today Brings 4K Video Support to PS4 Pro

And 4K VR video playback support for PSVR owners with a PS4 Pro.

10 PlayStation VR Games That Offer the Most Unique Gaming Experiences Featured

PSVR Update 2.40 Seems to Improve Cinema Mode, Beta Testers Give Feedback on 3D Support

Folks seem to be enjoying watching 3D Blu-rays!

PlayStation VR Wanted Games Feature

Games, Franchises, and Experiences We Want in VR

Immerse yourself.

buy playstation vr

PlayStation VR Now Supports 360° YouTube Videos

Much needed update!


Kaz Hirai Acknowledges That PSVR Could Do With Some Improvements

Improvements will have to be balanced with cost considerations.


10 Great 2016 PS4 Games You Overlooked

Have you played these games?


Best PlayStation VR Games of 2016

Escape the real world with these great games!