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Mad Catz to Cut 37 Percent of Staff in Light of Rock Band Hardware Sales Slump

Rock Band 4 sales missed internal expectations.


Rock Band 4 Update Today Wipes Leaderboard, New February DLC Revealed

Future updates expected monthly.


Rock Band 4 January Update Delayed to First Week of February

Thanks to the Overdrive bug.


Rock Band 1 Song Export Now Available for Rock Band 4 PS4 Players in North America

New DLC songs revealed.


Rock Band Developer Harmonix Addresses Reports of Layoffs

Only two employees were let go.


This Week’s Rock Band 4 DLC is Disturbed

“We’re looking into making all instruments compatible.”


New Rock Band 4 DLC on December 29 Includes Songs From Coldplay, Ellie Goulding & Weezer

Drag me down to the adventure of a lifetime.


Rock Band 4 Leaderboards Will Be Wiped in January Due to Overdrive Exploit

Harmonix will add fixes to individual songs throughout the spring.


Rock Band 4 Developer Putting Priority on Exports, Online Multiplayer “Very Much on the Table”

Expect the Rock Band 1 export in January.


Rock Band 4 DLC “Off the Charts 02” Pack Out Tomorrow, Here’s What’s Included

Can you feel my face?


Harmonix Addresses Rock Band 4 DLC and Bundle Availability Issues in Europe

“Where’s all my DLC?” “Why’s my DLC broken?”


Rock Band 4 Update to Offer Custom Character Stand-Ins, 5.1 Surround Sound Support, and More

Take a look at the patch notes.


Rock Band 3 Export for Rock Band 4 Expected in December

Harmonix also comments on the export status of other Rock Band games.


Harmonix Admits to Positive Rock Band 4 Reviews on Amazon, Doesn’t “Believe These Are Appropriate Actions”

Updated review now says they work for Harmonix.


15 PlayStation Rhythm Games You Need to Play

Peripherals not included.


Rock Band 4 Getting Its First Patch Soon, Will Address PS4 Livestream Issues and More

Coming last week of October.


Harmonix Doesn’t Believe Rock Band 4 Will Outsell Guitar Hero Live

Rock Band 4 just came out and Guitar Hero Live will beRead the full article…


Rock Band 4 Launches Today on PS4 & Xbox One, New DLC Songs Arrive Weekly

Harmonix isn’t leaving behind “those songs on legacy Rock Band discs.”


Rock Band 4 Legacy DLC Available to Download on PS4 & Xbox One, Single Song Prices Rising to $1.99

1,700 tracks have been carried over.


U2 Making Their Rhythm Game Debut in Rock Band 4 Next Month With Two Songs

More U2 songs coming as post-launch DLC.