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PlayStation Store Aiming To Return Next Tuesday

As one of the largest digital distribution platforms in the world, theRead the full article…

Security Expert Believes PSN Should Remain Offline

The PSN has been up for a few days now, in mostRead the full article…


PSN Restoration Halted in Japan as Government Demands Answers

In Japan, Sony will not be allowed to start this healing process until it provides further information on what measures the company has taken since the hacking incident.

SOE’s “Welcome Back” Package Detailed, Includes Lots of Freebies

Sony‘s restoration of their PlayStation Network, Qriocity and other online services areRead the full article…


PSN Return Begins, Rolling Out Across The World

It’s alive!

Brink Developer Speaks Out on PSN Outage

With a heavy focus on online, FPS Brink released at a ratherRead the full article…


PSN Return To Take “At Least a Few More Days”

After missing their return deadline of last week, Sony has been ratherRead the full article…

Merchants Opening Up Shop in Light of PSN Catastrophe

The PSN security breach that resulted in the network’s ongoing downtime isRead the full article…


Full PSN Services Could Take Until May 31st To Return

The PlayStation Network has already been down for several weeks, but withRead the full article…


Sony To Offer Free Identity Theft Protection in the United States, $1 Million Insurance

With the PlayStation Network hacked, users personal data was stolen – possiblyRead the full article…


Howard Stringer Addresses PSN Breach, Publicly Apologizes

After the PlayStation Network was taken offline for due to a cyber-attack,Read the full article…


PlayStation Network: Safer Than Ever

We analyze how the PlayStation Network is now safer than ever before.


PSN Still On Track for This Week

Sony has said that the PlayStation Network would resume this week, butRead the full article…

Anonymous Could Face Severe Backlash From PSN Users

Anonymous has been a thorn in Sony’s side for about a monthRead the full article…

Congressional Hearing Regarding Data Security Today – Have Sony’s Answers Sufficed?

Sony has been in some real hot water lately, ever since itRead the full article…

Global PSN Account Numbers Broken Down By Region

Around three weeks ago, Sony took the entire PlayStation Network offline whenRead the full article…


Some PSN, Qriocity Services To Return This Week, Will Be More Secure

It’s been a while, but the PlayStation Network will finally be backRead the full article…


Sony To Offer “Welcome Back” Package: Free Games, PlayStation Plus and More

Sony says “I’m sorry” with some freebies.


The Broken System: AVG’s Chief Research Officer On Cloud, Paying Hackers and The Biggest Threats of the Next Five Years

In part one of our interview with Roger Thompson, AVG’s Chief ResearchRead the full article…

Credit Card Companies Report No Signs of PSN-Related Fraud

With the user information stored in the PlayStation Network databases compromised, the most troubling concern is over user identity theft. Fortunately, nothing seems out of the ordinary quite yet.