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samurai cop

Samurai Cop Gets Official Movie Tie-In Retro Game

Wow. Just… wow.

Tokyo Chronos PSVR

New PSVR Mystery Adventure Game Announced

Because this girl isn’t creepy or anything.

Rabi-Ribi ps4

Rabi-Ribi is Now Available in North America

It’s cute, yet difficult.

Rabi-Ribi ps4

Rabi-Ribi Review – Adora-bullet Hell (PS4)

If this is hell, it’s awfully moe.

Sekai Project

Sekai Project Gives Update on Early 2017 Lineup

They have two visual novels coming.

Visual Novel Narcissu 10th Anniversary Anthology Coming to PS4/Vita on Disc and Digitally

Includes four games.

World End Economica Releasing in 2017 for PS4 & PS Vita

There will be a physical version through Limited Run Games.