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Samurai Cop Gets Official Movie Tie-In Retro Game

Remember Samurai Cop? The schlocky B-movie that went on to become one of those inexplicably popular films you only ever watch when you’re drunk because of how bad it is? It’s only gone and got its own tie-in game, with the movie’s lead actor, Matt Hannon, overseeing the project. 2018 is weird.

Sekai Project will be releasing Samurai Cop: The Game, which will take inspiration from the year of the movie’s release, 1991, to present us with a properly retro adventure. It will feature “beat-em-up style gameplay, pixel graphics based on the technical limitation of the hardware, and music by classic composers of the era.” Think Streets of Rage with a man wearing a wig for half the movie because he cut his hair and needed to go back for reshoots. Yes, that happened and, yes, it’s as hilariously awful as it sounds.

Even better, the game is coming to all platforms, including PS4. Samurai Cop himself, Matt Hannon, will be closely involved with the project for that added degree of authenticity.

Samurai Cop has undergone a revival of sorts in recent years to become a cult hit. It even spawned a sequel Samurai Cop 2: Deadly Vengeance, starring The Room’s Tommy Wiseau. Go and watch it, it’s fantastic. The movie, which stars Hannon as Joe Marshall, a cop trained in the ways of, you guessed it, the samurai, must go toe-to-toe with the deadly Katanas gang on the streets of L.A. Expect that story to make up the bulk of the game, but we’ll find out about that (and more) in Fall 2018.

[Source: Gematsu]