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The Mind Behind SOCOM 1 & 2 Talks H-Hour: World’s Elite, Shooters and PS4

SOCOM’s last hope?

Zipper Interactive is Officially No More

Sony have announced the closure of MAG and SOCOM developer Zipper Interactive.

SOCOM 4 Opens Fire with Double Experience

Following several memorable releases, tactical shooter fans have waited patiently for aRead the full article…

PlayStation Release Horizon – Week of April 18, 2011

This is arguably one of the biggest weeks for PlayStation releases inRead the full article…

PS3 Review – SOCOM 4: U.S. Navy SEALs

SOCOM 4 is locked, loaded and in our hands. Will it become our weapon of choice when playing on our PS3 online?

Buy Killzone 3, Get SOCOM 4 Beta. Buy SOCOM 4, get Resistance 3 Beta

Betas betas galore! With the PS3’s focus on big multiplayer games, it’s easy to see that developers need information on how their games run in the wild. Fortunately, that means good news for us.

Movement and Defense Coming Soon to PlayStation Plus

PlayStation Plus content is going to be updated soon, bringing shooter fans a new beta, along with a couple free games and some discounts of course.

Zipper Interactive Reveals Operational Intel for SOCOM 4 Beta

Zipper Interactive made it clear earlier this year that SOCOM 4: U.S.Read the full article…

SOCOM 4 Bravely Releases $10 From Captivity

Video game retailers have been offering incentives to increase their sales whileRead the full article…