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Super Street Fighter IV TV Spot Ready for a Fight

When Street Fighter 4 hit last year, it brought about the great ‘Fighting Game Resurrection of 2009′. Capcom looks to to continue their dominance of the genre this year with Super Street Fighter IV. Thanks to Seth Killian of Capcom, the trailer for SSFIV has debuted and I have great news for you: It doesn’t feature that horrible ‘Indestructible’ song from the original release. Yuck.

Super Offer with Purchase of Super Street Fighter IV

Super Street Fighter IV is already going to be a super deal considering the fact that the game adds 10 new characters, 5 new stages, 2 new bonus stages, and new offline and online modes at the sweet price of $39.99. How would you like even more money back? One online retailer has an even better deal for you that you might want to check out.

Super Street Fighter IV Costumes Leaked

Super Street Fighter IV is coming soon. For anyone salivating for anyRead the full article…

And the 10th New Challenger in SSFIV is..

Street Figher fans, I have excellent news for you. The 10th and Final ‘New’ Challenger in Super Street Fighter IV has been revealed. Now I have some bad news. It’s the Weirdest. Character. Ever. I kid you not. You have to check this guy out.

Capcom Confirms Lower Price Tag for SSFIV

When Capcom announced that Super Super Fighter IV would actually carry a cheaper price tag than the original release, fans didn’t ask why, they just accepted it with a smile. Gamestop, among other various retailers, listed the fighter for an oh so sweet price of $40 and guess what? Capcom has confirmed it.

Super Street Fighter IV Gets New Shots

Street Fighter IV is undoubtedly, one of the best fighters of thisRead the full article…

Hadoken these Super Street Fighter IV Pre-Order Bonuses

Capcom has unleashed the Super Street Fighter IV pre-order bonuses to the world and you just might wanna’ throw down the $5 smackeroos to secure you copy ahead of time.

Capcom Offers Super PSN Sale on Street Fighter

Capcom has had a huge impact on the PSN, being the firstRead the full article…

Super Street Fighter IV Introduces Old Challengers

With the confirmation of Street Fighter III’s Ibuki, Makoto and Dudley, theRead the full article…

New Super Street Fighter IV Trailer Shows Off New Challengers

We revealed early last week the final roster of world warriors that would be throwing their money in the hat for a chance to battle in Super Street Fighter IV. A trailer starring all of the new challegeners has been unofficially released and it’s Super Sweet.

Capcom Wishes You A Happy V-Day With SSFIV

The lovely folks at Capcom wishes you a very happy Valentine’s dayRead the full article…

Super Street Fighter IV Character Roster Leaked

Street Fighter IV is without a doubt, one of the best fightersRead the full article…

Super Street Fighter IV Box Art is Super Awesome

With Capcom just releasing a TON of information about all of their Major titles to be released this year, you knew some extra goodies were going to be released along the way. One of those extra goodies? The Box Art for Super Street Fighter IV and I have one word for you. Awesome.

Capcom Announces Spring Line-Up

Capcom has announced their spring line-up, detailing the likes of Super StreetRead the full article…

Super Street Fighter IV Worldwide Release Date Announced

Street Fighter IV is one of the best fighters of this generation,Read the full article…

Major Capcom Titles Get Delayed

Sorry Capcom fans. It seems as though some major titles coming inRead the full article…

Super Street Fighter IV Roster Gets a Little Bigger

With word the other day of the latest member to join theRead the full article…

Meet the Super Street Fighter IV Newbie

Back in February Capcom announced that they would be bringing out SuperRead the full article…

Super Street Fighter IV Gets Priced & Dated

Super Street Fighter IV promises to be the ultimate vision of StreetRead the full article…

Capcom Double Dipping Into Gamers Wallets

It all started way back in the early 90’s with one ofRead the full article…