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For Honor Update Now Out, Here’s All the Fixes

Heroes tweaked.


Upcoming For Honor Gameplay Improvements Detailed by Ubisoft

Many complaints are being addressed.


For Honor Suffering From Matchmaking Issues, List of Bugs Released

Ubisoft’s latest game is having some launch issues.


For Honor Review – Killing Is My Business (PS4)

…and Business Is Good!


For Honor Open Beta Runs From February 9 to 12

Will you fight as a Knight, a Viking, or a Samurai.


For Honor Beta Preview – Mixed Warfare (PS4)

Vikings, samurai and knights. Oh my!

For Honor Gameplay

For Honor Preview – Going Medieval (PS4)

Watch LOTS of gameplay footage of hacking, slashing and killing!


Latest Watch Dogs 2 Update Lays the Groundwork for T-Bone Content Bundle

The ability to replay missions and set difficulty level also added.

Watch Dogs 2 info

Performance Issues Rear Their Head on PS4 Pro Version of Watch Dogs 2

Select add-on content not included in game’s Season Pass.

Watch Dogs 2 Marcus Holloway

Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs 2 Teaser Is for a Sci-Fi Game Called Pioneer

But it seems the new IP has already encountered problems.

Watch Dogs 2 info

Watch Dogs 2 – Everything You Need to Know

Before you hack unprepared, here’s everything you need to know about Watch Dogs 2.

For Honor Gameplay

For Honor No Longer Supports Split-Screen Play

Axed for a good reason.

For Honor Closed Alpha

For Honor Alpha Recap: Ubisoft Pinpoints Areas in Need of Fine-Tuning

Average playtime was four hours and 38 minutes.

For Honor 01 555x328

For Honor Closed Alpha Was Ubisoft’s Biggest Ever, Beta Demand at a Record High

Nearly 90 million warriors were defeated during the alpha.

For Honor Closed Alpha

For Honor Closed Alpha Impressions – Duels, Brawls, Dominion and Bots (PS4)

As far as alpha tests go, this one was pretty great.

For Honor Gameplay

For Honor Hands-On Preview – Duel and Die Honorably (PS4)

Duel with honor, for honor.


New For Honor Gameplay Trailers Introduce Three of Its Heroes

These heroes will be playable in the upcoming Alpha test.

Watch Dogs 2 Marcus Holloway

Ubisoft Explains Why Watch Dogs 2 Has a New Protagonist

We all could use an anti-Aiden in our lives.

Watch Dogs 2 02 555x328

Watch Dogs 2 Offers New Ways to Hack and More Player Freedom, Says Game Director

The emphasis is on “big data” not just surveillance.

E3 2016 – Watch Dogs 2 Hands-On Preview – Go Go Gadget Marcus

Meet Marcus, and his new toys.