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Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection “Targeting” 60fps, Adds New Difficulty Option

Expect to be using less motion controls in Drake’s Fortune.


Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection Screenshots Revealed, PS4 Demo Coming This Summer

Full version launches in October.


Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection Comes to PS4 This October, Includes Uncharted 4 Beta Access

You’ll only be playing through the single player campaigns though.


Fan Creates Live-Action Uncharted: Ambush Movie, Watch It Now

Based on a scene from Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune.


Naughty Dog: Uncharted PS4 Remaster “Would be Really Cool to Have”

Arne Meyer says it would be a great way to “expand the people that are bound to know Uncharted.”


Black Friday Deal Rumor: PS3 Super Slim With 5 Games for $200

A shockingly good deal.

PS3 slim

PS3 Essentials Range Announced For Europe, Retails For €19.99

Includes original Uncharted, inFamous and LittleBigPlanet.


Get All Three Uncharted Soundtracks on PSN Now

Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception has it all: epic shootouts, blockbuster cinematics, andRead the full article…


Uncharted Series Becomes a Shining Star with Over 8 Million Sales

The Uncharted series might only have been born four years ago, butRead the full article…


David O. Russell Leaves Uncharted Movie

Renowned director David O. Russell – who has directed Mark Wahlberg inRead the full article…


Mark Wahlberg Confirmed to Star in Uncharted Movie

As Naughty Dog’s Uncharted franchise has been praised for its cinematic quality, countless people have thought it would work well as a film. As that happens though, it looks like it wont be anything that we’ve expected.

Uncharted 3 Hinted at in Middle East Localization Deal

A new localization deal between Rubicon Group Holding and the Modern ElectronicsRead the full article…

This Uncharted Deal is Quite the Treasure

Are you a member in the secret organization known as…Sam’s Club? If you are, or know anyone that is, you better head over there quick for a steal of a deal for this PS3 classic, Uncharted.

Nathan Drake and Ratchet Crack Their Price In Europe

The BEST game on the PS3 at the moment, Uncharted 2: Among Thieves and the best entry in the Ratchet and Clank series, A Crack In Time, are due to join the Platinum Hits line in Europe on June 11th. Talk about a STEAL of a DEAL!

Buy 2 Greatest Hits for PS3 Get 1 Free

Sony recently expanded the Greatest Hits lineup of games last week adding such stellar titles as Killzone 2, inFamous, and LittleBigPlanet: GOTY. A certain online retailer has a fantastic deal for any of you who might have missed the mighty titles in the past with a Buy 2, get 1 free deal.

Naughty Dog: No Jak & Daxter PS3 Would be a “Shame”

When Naughty Dog introduced themselves to PlayStation, they brought us Crash Bandicoot.Read the full article…

Uncharted 2 and The Tale of Success

Uncharted 2 becomes the fastest selling first-party PS3 game…

Uncharted 2 Finds Drake’s Fortune DLC, Multiplayer Trophies

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves has received a massive amount of support fromRead the full article…

New “Spend 80, Get 20″ Deal on Amazon, online retail king, always has good deals to be found. ThereRead the full article…