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Bridge Constructor Portal GLaDOS

Ellen McLain Returns as the Voice of GLaDOS in Bridge Constructor Portal

It’s hard to overstate my satisfaction.

bridge constructor portal

Bridge Constructor Portal Shows You Can Fit Trucks Through Portals

It’s the collaboration you never knew you needed.

ps4 games like left 4 dead

Cooperative Shooter PS4 Games Like Left 4 Dead

Since there most likely won’t be a Left 4 Dead 3 anytime soon.

Portal Movie Announcement

Another Portal/Half-Life Writer Has Left Valve

It’s Chet Faliszek this time.

Portal Movie Announcement

Portal, Half-Life Writer Erik Wolpaw Has Left Valve

He’ll continue his work on Psychonauts 2.

Valve Explains Current Disinterest in Console Market

Valve doesn’t like when “someone is trying to insert a lot of process between us and our customers.”

Portal Movie Announcement

J.J. Abrams Says Portal Movie Announcement Coming “Fairly Soon”

This does not mean Half-Life 3.

YouTubers Deceivingly Promote CS: GO Gambling Site They Own

Shady YouTubers continue being shady.

Valve Speaks Out Against Platform-Exclusive VR Games, Willing to Support Devs to Avoid Exclusivity

There are a lot of new developers taking risks.

Half-Life, Portal Movies in Development According to J.J. Abrams

It could still happen!

Half-Life Writer Marc Laidlaw Leaves Valve

He wants to work on self-directed writing projects.

Court Dismisses Patent Infringement Claims Against Naughty Dog, Rockstar and Others

Patent trolling at its best.

Steve Jaros, Creative Director of the Saints Row Franchise, Leaves Volition for Valve

Have fun at the new job!

Daily Reaction: Valve to bring Portal, Half-Life to the Big Screen, New Hitman Movie set to Ruin Universe

Help us JJ, you’re our only hope.

Daily Reaction: Is the Steam Box Really a Next Gen Competitor?

Valve knows how to crank one out.

PlayStation Network Sales for August are in, Counter-Strike: GO Takes Top Spot

Followed closely by The Walking Dead and Madden.

Daily Reaction: Valve Steams Up Next-Gen

Valve tells Windows 8 it got servered.

We Talk to Valve’s Inhouse Psychologist About Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

The bombshell has been planted.

Counter-Strike GO Deploys This August

Valve has announced a release date and price for Counter-Strike GO on the PSN, XBLA and Steam.

Counter-Strike: GO Gets Two Arsenal Modes

Valve has announced that Counter-Strike: Global Offensive will have two “Arsenal Modes” included in the game that are based on the very popular Counter-Stike: Source mod Gun Game.