Another big PS3 exclusive?

Just this morning I opened up my email, to find a decent scoop on some industry happenings that involve our favorite console.

Apparently, Konami is very pleased with the way Sony is handling the hype for MGS4, along with being pleased the PS3 is picking up steam at such a fast rate.

Its always good to please a big developer/publisher, it usually means more support, and more exclusive content for the respective console.   Thats exactly what is happening right now.

Word is, Konami is working on a new 3D Castlevania exclusive to the PS3.  Konami is hoping to take advantage of the cell, to create the first hugely successful Castelvania in 3D…

From an inteveiw with Igarashi

“Do you think you’ll do another fully 3D Castlevania? God of War seems like the closest to a 3D Castlevania to me.

KI: Yeah, I hate to lose, and it’s very frustrating. One thing I definitely want to do is to see the franchise realized in 3D.

To take revenge?

KI: Yeah! (laughs)”