Exclusive: Info On The New Sony PS3 Controller

It has been brought to my attention that PlayStation Underground held a secret focus group earlier this year. A small group of PS3 owners were sent to a facility in ****** ****, California to test a new PlayStation product in development.

Once inside the testing facility, these PS3 owners were shown a mini-tripod that stood about 12 inches high. and what looked like 4 black PS3 “wiimotes”.  Well they were essentially “wiimotes” for the PS3, but didn’t need a “nunchuck” attachment.  I will refer to them as “PS3motes” for now on.

You can have up to 4 of these “PS3motes” connected at one time. A demonstrator at this focus group was there showing off the “PS3motes” capabilities, along with some mini-games to play.  The mini games ranged from tennis, to fencing, to a “really really cool” paintball game.  The demonstrator even used the “PS3mote” to play “Quake” on his laptop.

The “PS3mote” is said to be incredibly responsive and accurate.  When the demonstrator crouched while playing the paintball game, the character on screen did as well.

The biggest concern of the demonstrator was that for these “PS3motes” to work they needed the tripod, which connected to the PS3’s USB port.  It also needed to be set up in the middle of your gaming area, much like a “batter standing above home plate”.  So this may not be in the final version as it seemed they were trying to come up with a more convenient method.

The focus group was then given different designs of the “PS3mote” and were given the opportunity to choose which one felt most comfortable, and looked the best.  Then ended the focus group session.

Its safe to say that this new PS3 controller has been in development for quite a while, as emails for this focus group went out in January.

As for those of you who don’t believe this info, here is a copy and paste from the original email requesting people to participate in the focus group…

“Focus groups discussing PLAYSTATION®3 games are being held in your area. If you OWN a PLAYSTATION 3, we invite you to participate in a focus group. If you qualify, you will take part in a discussion lasting approximately two hours.


(NAME REMOVED) in ****** **** will be conducting these discussions. If you would like more information or would like to participate in the focus group:

Email your name and phone number to **** **** at *****@*******.com or call 1-800-***-**** ext. ****.


The PlayStation® Underground™”

NOTE: The picture at the beginning of the story is not the real “PS3mote”, it is also not what was shown at this focus group.  The picture is a concept by Emil G. Ryderup back in September 2005