RUMOR: Industry Rumblings Regarding Resident Evil 5

By now, you may have heard about the “Major RE5 Reveal at E3” that Videogaming247 is reporting.

Some more information has made its way to…

Whether or not this information is true is unknown.  However we felt it is our duty to give fans a heads up on a HUGE announcement that MAY be coming @ E3.

Please take this as a rumor as that’s all it is at this point.  No solid information on the subject yet.

From what I have been told, Microsoft is looking to pay Capcom an undisclosed amount, for timed exclusivity of Resident Evil 5.  It is still not known if Capcom has accepted the offer…  The information we got, was only that Microsoft has made the offer.

If this is going to be announced it will be @ E3.  Similar to the GTAIV “showing of the tattoo” a couple of years ago.

If this is true, all of you petition fanatics out there better get to work.

Remember this is just a rumor, and nothing is known for sure at this time.

Personally I am hoping that this is NOT true.