Resistance Retribution Hands-On

Written by Chris Rah Osiris

When Sony showed the Resistance Retribution trailer at the press conference, I was shocked. I remember Ted Price saying that he could see the series coming to the PSP, but I had no idea that it would be this soon and this spectacular. Let me give you the basics right quick:

  • This game takes place between Resistance 1 and Resistance 2
  • This is being developed by Bend Studios
  • And most importantly, this game takes full advantage of the PSP

I’ll focus mainly on the gameplay from the demo that I played while in the Sony Press Room. The game features an auto-aim and manual aim feature. I preferred the auto-aim initially because I was just getting used to the game, but quickly fell in love with the manual aiming system. You are able to manually target enemies by using the face buttons to find your target. It is very intuitive and you can even use this feature while the auto-aim system is still on. Manual aiming allows you to zoom in on the enemies, which I’m sure many of you will love.

Firing is done with the L and R triggers. R is the primary fire and L is the secondary fire. You can’t help but to love the fact that many of the weapons from the original Resistance are in this game. I saw about 3 or 4 of them in the short time I played the game.

For all of you graphics junkies, I must say the game looks amazing. I often would sit there and get shot while I was marveling at how amazing this game looks at this point. This game won’t be released until Spring 2009 and it looks better than a great many of the PSP titles that are already released. The load times were reasonable and the gameplay was extremely fluid. I hope to get my hands on this game again soon