PSLS High Roller Club – Week of 08/24/2008

Written by Phoenix8387

It’s time for the first of our PlayStation LifeStyle High Roller Club progress reports. First off I would like to welcome and thank everyone who joined the High Roller Club since it’s launch over a week ago, and for those who haven’t joined yet you can do so by replying to this thread on our Forums. Don’t have account there yet? Then what are you waiting for? You can sign up for one here and start posting on our forums as soon as your register.

One week ago we announced the start of our High Roller Club here on the blog, since then our we have gained numerous members. We now have a total of 22 member in the High Roller Club with one other in our Low Roller Club. The High Roller Club members have combined for a whopping 1,843 Trophies between them.

And now to announce the first ever PlayStation LifeStyle Highest Roller: monkeyboi3. monkeyboi3 has achieved a Trophy Level of 6 and has been awarded an impressive 153 Trophies with two being Platinum, 16 Gold, 36 Silver and 99 Bronze.

  1. monkeyboi3: Level 6, 153 Trophies, 2 Platinum, 16 Gold, 36 Silver, 99 Bronze
  2. Pesico: Level 6, 139 Trophies, 2 Platinum, 16 Gold, 33 Silver, 88 Bronze
  3. Ratchet1848: Level 5, 109 Trophies, 1 Platinum, 7 Gold, 17 Silver, 84 Bronze
  4. bainyyyy: Level 5, 108 Trophies, 1 Platinum, 7 Gold, 21 Silver, 79 Bronze
  5. Matt2005USAF: Level 5, 101 Trophies, 1 Platinum, 7 Gold, 15 Silver, 78 Bronze

Now to award the very first PlayStation LifeStyle Trophy Whore of the Week to: monkeyboi3. monkeyboi3 earned an astounding 53 Trophies this week by earning four Gold, 13 Silver and 36 Bronze.

  1. monkeyboi3: 53 Trophies, 4 Gold, 13 Silver, 36 Bronze
  2. bainyyyy: 44 Trophies, 3 Gold, 7 Silver, 34 Bronze
  3. wolfehound22: 41 Trophies, 4 Gold, 8 Silver, 29 Bronze
  4. Pesico: 39 Trophies, 4 Gold, 8 Silver, 27 Bronze
  5. TorturEd: 35 Trophies, 1 Gold, 3 Silver, 31 Bronze

I hope to see many more of you joining the High Roller Club. To join the High Roller Club you must have atleast a Trophy Level of 4, but even if you are not do not worry as you can still add your name onto the Low Roller list and move up whenever you achieve a Trophy Level of 4.