Home Beta Invites To Go Out Weekly [UPDATE]

Written by Sev1512
Did you get your Home invite? No? There is still a chance!
Did you get your Home invite? No? There is still a chance!

As you all know, PlayStation Home Beta invites started going out today for US.  Unfortunately there are a lot of disappointed PS3 fans out there, as only a select few (like me *yay*) got into the first round of invites in the Expanded Home Beta.  I have been searching and searching trying to find out some info that might calm the masses that didn’t get their email invite.

According to PS3forums member gerrylum who contacted SCEA about PlayStation Home Beta invites, SCEA replies with this:

Thank you for writing us.

On Thursday, August 28, 2008 Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA) will begin an Expanded

PlayStation(R)Home Beta. SCEA will be adding users weekly (starting 8/28/08 ) and continue up to the

start of the Open PlayStation(R)Home Beta.

Besides new users, the Expanded PlayStation(R)Home Beta will include a new Home Central Plaza, and

other core spaces including a new Home Theatre, the existing Game Space and the Mall. At this time,

the Mall will only feature free items. More spaces are expected to be added throughout the course

of the Expanded PlayStation(R)Home Beta.

Please note, the Expanded PlayStation Home beta is by invitation only.

PlayStation LifeStyle has also emailed SCEA, we haven’t received a response as of yet.  We will update you when we hear back from SCEA.


Well, I spoke with an inside source at Sony who confirmed this to be true. I also contacted SCEA and received the same email as above.

Its safe to say… Home Beta invites WILL go out weekly.

Told by an inside source...