White Knight Story Coming December 11th…in Japan *UPDATE*

Written by Chris Rah Osiris
This behemoth will be home in time for Christmas
This behemoth will be home in time for Christmas

I believe most of you remember this game. Level-5 is developing a PS3 exclusive RPG. (Hooray for RPGs). This title has been MIA for about a year now. Well Famitsu has ended this. White Knight Story will be available for purchase in Japan December 11th. That is in time for everyone to have a RPG for Christmas. With a release date this soon, the title almost certainly has to make an appearance at TGS. I wonder what this title holds in store for RPG lovers.

No word on the release date for other territories as of yet.


Kotaku is reporting that there is actually no mention of the upcoming PS3 RPG in the latest issue of Famitsu. No mention means there cannot be a release date given for the title. Please join me in weeping.