Show us your ‘PlayStation LifeStyle’ Contest

Written by Sev1512

Hello PlayStation LifeStyle readers!

Today I am proud to announce the PlayStation LifeStyle “Show us your PlayStation LifeStyle” Contest

Grand Prize winner will receive a $20 PlayStation Network Card.  Runners up will receive a PlayStation LifeStyle T-Shirt. Winners will be announced October 21, 2008.

All you need to do is show us yourself living the ‘PlayStation LifeStyle‘.

Whether it be:

  • showing off your PlayStation gaming setup (TV, PS3, etc…)
  • showing off your PlayStation gaming collection
  • sending us an a pic/vid of you playing your PSP in a strange place
  • any PlayStation related tattoos you may have
  • any picture/video where you are “living the PlayStation LifeStyle”
  • you wearing a PlayStation LifeStyle T-Shirt

There are 3 ways to enter HERE’S HOW:

  1. Email your picture/video to
  2. Leave a URL to the picture/video you want submitted in the ‘comments‘ section of this article.
  3. Leave a URL to the picture/video in the forums CONTEST thread

Contest Rules:

All pictures must be rated G.  No pornographic images.  No images of you breaking any laws.  The picture/video must be of yourself, or your PS3 setup/games.  You must submit your entry before October 18th 2008.  All pictures/videos submitted become property of PlayStation LifeStyle.

Coming Soon: PlayStation LifeStyle LittleBigPlanet Level Creation Contest!