PSN Etiquette 101

Written by Sev1512
I'm gonna bug the hell out of you

Ever since In-Game XMB was implemented, and the PSN friend’s list was raised to 100 people, the amount of messages I receive has increased ten fold.  Because of the increased activity, I see a lot more annoying and obnoxious behavior.  PlayStation LifeStyle has constructed a list of PSN etiquette that will help you be a better PSN friend…

  • When sending friend invites, make sure to include in the message, how you know the person you are inviting, it could be from PlayStation LifeStyle, N4G, Official PS forums, etc.
  • Check for “Not Available” status, if someone is “Not Available” it’s best not to message that person.
  • Always read your PSN “friend’s” comment, if it says something like “Watching Movie” or “Company Over” it means they do not want to be disturbed.
  • Always type a message, don’t just put HEY in the topic, and leave the message blank…  If you have nothing to say, don’t interrupt one’s gaming session.
  • DO invite your friends to play online with you.
  • DO NOT ask someone you don’t know personally for a gameshare.  Account passwords, and credit card information is PERSONAL.  Keep it that way.
  • DO NOT play loud music, while using a headset, it ruins the game for everyone.
  • If someone doesn’t answer your message, they are most likely busy, didn’t see the notification, or is deeply involved in an online deathmatch.  It’s not a good idea to keep messaging that person.  Give them time to respond.
  • DO NOT use curse words, racial slurs, or talk about recreational drugs while gaming online.  This is very common, and childish.
  • DO congratulate your PSN friend, on a “good game”…  Even if you have lost.
  • DO NOT send offensive pictures attached to PSN messages.
  • DO report any PSN users, trying to gain access to your personal information such as password, sign-in email address, etc.  Sony would never ask for your personal information through a PSN message.