PSP Feature Release Dates

Written by Chris Rah Osiris
PSP Announcements
PSP Announcements

The PSP Store is coming soon. October 15th is next week and that is the day that PSP store and Firmware 5.00 make their debut in Japan. The store will receive considerable 1st party support, all big name 1st party titles will released on the store the same day as its retail release. (Everyone should buy bigger memory sticks). Hopefully the store will debut worldwide on the same day.

PSP games are notorious for having ad-hoc multiplayer, but not supporting infrastructure multiplayer play. October 30th will be the day Monster Hunter fans in Japan will be able to get their Monster Hunter fix from home and still play with their friends online. Monster Hunter 2nd G is the first title to take advantage of the Ad Hoc Party feature. Final Fantasy Tactics should take advantage of it as well, but that is my personal opinion.

The PSP is getting strong features in the near future. Is this enough for you to buy your first PSP? Will this put the PSP over the top?