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Linger In Shadows Review

Written by Anthony

Ever since we first heard about Linger In Shadows we have been intrigued, and eagerly awaiting its arrival on the PlayStation Network.  Well it’s here, and it’s getting a very mixed reception from PlayStation fans.  Is it a game?  Is it a demo?  It’s a blend of both.  What normally would be considered a demoscene, has had a PlayStation makeover complete with SIXAXIS and trophy support.

Linger In Shadows is basically an interactive video, in which you have control over the camera.  There are some gaming elements, such as shaking the controller, or tapping the circle button to activate the next sequence.  Other than that, there really isn’t much gaming aspects to Linger In Shadows.  However, I fully understood that before I fired Linger In Shadows up for the first time.

Linger In Shadows is something very unique.   The presentation itself is very slick and clean, particularly the look of the “pause” screen.  The crisp, stunning HD graphics, are some of the best the PS3 has to offer and the game runs a smooth 60 frames per second.  The music is incredible, ranging from soothing and trance inducing, to evil, eerie and urgent.  The music perfectly fits the strange sensation you get while toying with this interactive art.

Trophy support has been implemented most likely to give Linger In Shadows more of a “game” feel.  The trophies themselves are rather easy to unlock.  You can achieve a 100% of the trophies in your first playthrough.  Most of the trophies can be found by pausing the “game” and “Lingering” in the shadows.

To sum up Linger In Shadows, it is a strangely beautiful experience.  It is not a game, it’s interactive art.

Linger In Shadows is perfect choice for someone who is looking for a unique experience, never before witnessed on a gaming console.  Trophy whores will love this “game” for the fact that it’s cheap, it has trophies, and they are somewhat easy to unlock.  Linger In Shadows leaves you wondering WTF?  But in a good way.  When you are done, you wont really know whether to call it a game, interactive art, or a demo.  Just like any piece of art, Linger In Shadows is about what you perceive it as.

PSLS Final Score – 4/5

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Disclaimer: The score reflects the VALUE of Linger In Shadows taking into consideration the price ($2.99) and the unique experience it offers.