echochrome To Receive Trophies

Written by Phoenix8387 phoenix8387


On what is almost a daily activity for me now, I stumbled across a new Trophy listing.  This time for that amazing perspective puzzler we all know as echochrome.  What makes this even better is the fact that it’s on sale right now for $4.99 at the PS Store until December 4th.  So if you’re a Trophy whore or just looking to build your Trophies to be a little more respectable you might just want to pick up echochrome now.

Half the journey (Bronze): Complete all stages in A to D.

Traversal (Silver): Complete all stages in A to G.

Total traversal (Gold): Complete courses A to G.

Rock bottom (Bronze): Fall 100 times while playing stages.

Flyin’ high (Bronze): Leap 100 times while playing stages.

Take a hike (Bronze): Take 10,000 steps while playing stages.

Shadow (Bronze): Collect 500 echoes.

echochrome (Bronze): Complete 100 stages in any mode.

Gimme five (Bronze): Upload five stages.

echochrome master (gold): Collect all the trophies.