Sony Making a PSP-4000? RUMOR

Written by Chris Rah Osiris chrisrahosiris-48
Apparently the store was not the last hurrah for the PSP

Eurogamer has been right many times before. The site has many credible sources, so this rumor is not one that I would easily brush off. Sony appears to be obsessed with PSP revisions. Word is that the PSP-4000 will hit the streets next year. No word on what the improvements will be.

That was simple enough right? Wrong. There is also a rumor that Sony is working on a PSP2 as well. I completely believe this. That was something that was thought of long before the Imagination rumor broke. There are no details of the expected release date or design details.

Sony is not confirming either rumor. (That is not surprising). Hopefully Sony is planning on placing some storage in the PSP2. It would also be nice to see a sim card slot in that bad boy. It would put my data plan to good use. Sadly, I cannot imagine seeing the PSP2 in the wild until 2010 or 2011. Maybe the PSP-4000 will add something new to the pot to hold us over for a while. I still think that it will be the PSP2 that will bring the second analog nub into existence. There are no excuses. NONE.

So what are your PSP-4000 and PSP2 demands? Make them known. Hopefully Sony is taking notes. Please improve the PSP-4000 and PSP2 more than the snuggie improved the blanket. I hate the snuggie.