Cuboid Trophy Rating

Written By Adam Wolfe 22610wolf1

Cuboid is a 3D puzzle game which is very addictive and a lot of fun to play. It came with 16 trophies; 13 bronze and 3 silver. Read on to see how difficult and time-consuming the trophies are and if you’ll have fun trying to achieve them.



Difficulty: A

Cuboid is a relatively easy game which in turn makes the trophies relatively easy. The Expert Master trophy is a little tough just for the simple fact that the expert levels can take some time to figure out. The Speed Master and Gold Master also will take you replaying some of the levels over and over again. But if you go for the beginner levels you can memorize the route you need to take quicker then the expert ones, so even though you will need to get more golds in beginner you can rack them up quickly and easily.

Time Consumption: A

This game is short so short that you will be able to get every trophy but one in roughly 5 hours. The only trophy that will take longer is Determined and that is only because it calls for you to play for 8 hours. That being said if you just leave the game on a level and be sure to disable power save on your controller you can get this trophy without even being there. I just left it on over night woke up and I had a trophy simple.

Relative to Game Play: A+

The trophies work great with the game play. They follow right along with what you will be doing regularly. There really isn’t one trophy that will cause you to change your playing style. Even the Abyss trophy which requires you to fall 50 times will more then likely be achieved by the time you finish every level, and if not you will be close enough that you can grab it quickly by having a few quick falls.

Fun Factor: B

This is a fun game, so of course the trophies are fun. Now they aren’t as clever as some other games, so the fun factor really comes down to how much you enjoyed the game. But if you are enjoying the game you will enjoy racking up these trophies.

Multiplayer –

There are no multiplayer trophies.

All of Cuboid’s trophies are easy and not very time consuming, and even the most casual player should be able to get 100% of the trophies with very little effort.

For these reasons PlayStation LifeStyle rates Cuboid: Casual

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